Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Like many girls out there I have a major shoe obsession...I mean I love clothes but I will literally go bankrupt on a pair of pumps...so a certain pair of YSL have caught my eye but the price tag nearly killed me retailing at almost 7 big ones...so when I was browsing endless.com guess what I come across a pair of guess pumps that look exactly like the ysl and for a heavenly price of about $80...O.M.G See for youself


  1. awesome..nothing like a bargin price!! :-)

  2. Cop those ASAP! I have a shoe fetish as well and if I want them that bad and I can only afford imitations, that are made by an authentic reliable manufacturer, trust that I will credit them to my account. Lol. There's nothing wrong with "Guess" -wink-. I only know about those pumps because of Meagan Good, who just happens to be my favorite "celebrity". But yeah, definately go for it. But do realize it is an impulse buy- which you probably dont NEED. But I know that feeling =).

    "Shoe anonymous"

  3. omgee greatt find! YSL[kinda lol ;)] for $80!! hott bargain! shoes=goregous i love the pattern!